Case Closed!

Detective reports were submitted Friday, with most “Special Agents” completing their cases. One group continues with their role as Special Agent until the book is finished.  We discussed how an author uses a “red herring” to distract the reader – but most were not fooled!  Way to go Special Agents!

We began our “Train Tour” of Massachusetts, well the assembly of our booklets. We will be learning about the different areas of Massachusetts and what we would see if we were to visit that region and/or city. We begin in Cape Cod and travel through the state, ending in the western part and one of Massachusetts’ most beautiful regions, the Berkshires.

We counted change and did some mock shopping this week. Phew, I think many learned to be conscientious shoppers and clerks!  Using money is something we’ll revisit throughout the year; it’s an important concept and one that needs revisiting. This week we move into time. Hmm…money and time…two critical concepts that will be used throughout one’s life.


Mystery Week

Special agents have their assignments and case numbers.  With the first few chapters underway and case files in hand, we are ready to follow the clues and hopefully not be tricked by a red herring!  We are reading a variety of mystery genres (Cam Jansen is so popular we had to choose alternate books!) from Jigsaw Jones to the Boxcar Children. Using our “Top Secret” case files, our notes will be kept and detectives will work together to find out “whodunit!”

Money – do you receive an allowance?  Should you receive an allowance?  What is the value of the chores you do at home?  Can you learn about money by getting an allowance?  We will explore money, its value, and counting change this week. So many of you do not use money for a variety of reasons – lunch is brought from home, paid in advance with a check, and your parents use debit or credit cards when making purchases. All of these things give you less use of money. It is important to understand the value of money and to be able to count it. I’ll look for a suitable song to get you motivated to learn about the almighty dollar!

Flat Stanley Debuts!

The “Flat Stanleys” are in the works!  While there are some Stanleys, it seems most of you have decided upon your own name or someone you know.  “Stanley” will get the privilege of being  your shadow next week – whether it is soccer practice, doing chores, or helping with homework. The entries are always interesting to read and I think you will like having a new “friend.”

Writer’s Notebooks are in and Writing Folders assembled!  That means we are ready to begin our Writing Journey!  🙂  Our first official writing piece will be a personal narrative. We will begin this tomorrow and continue through next week. We will look at good writing and some “okay” writing – both will help you as you become a better writer.

Our poem we read was “If I Were In Charge of the World” by Judith Viorst. We will continue to explore this author and her books and poetry. We will also use this poem as inspiration to write our own “If I Were In Charge of” poems. It’s great to imagine, isn’t it?


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