Creating a class book

Not only does the Quabbin Reservoir in central Massachusetts provide water to 2,000,000 residents, it also provided my students with much motivation!  Beginning with Letting Swift River Go by Jane Yolen, this shared reading immersed students with learning about the drowning of 4 towns and the changes not only to the landscape but the lives of those affected. Using this knowledge, students then recorded questions they still had and used these as their research base.  The Friends of Quabbin website provided a lot of valuable information, as did a few nonfiction books. With their question answered, students wrote a draft that will become a page for our class book. And since they have learned about text structure and text features, these will need to be considered, too.  I’m sure the children will enjoy this additional task.  This week we will revise, edit, and peer conference, and then publish our page.

Our audience will be the superintendent (we hope, as he will be our community reader later this month) and the third grade classes to come. Onward we go towards publishing another class book.