Paper Airplanes and Onomatopoeia

Drag, thrust, lift, and gravity are all part of our experiments when creating and flying paper airplanes. We will make two different designs, the same folds on paper that is held either horizontally or vertically. Today we formed teams (what is YOUR team’s name?) and tomorrow we will create the planes we will fly on Friday, our official Science-O-Rama day. We’ll fly and measure the distance in meters tomorrow. Our mission is to get our planes to fly the farthest distance. Is it the crisp folds of the plane, the center of gravity of the plane and where it is held when launched, or something else to be determined that makes the planes go the farthest? Stay tuned…

One of the easiest things to understand but hardest to spell is……..onomatopoeia! Yes, the word that means what is sounds like, such as “buzz” or “sizzle.” Can you add any words here?


Did you just run in the hallway?

Yes sir, we did! This was our school’s first post-test taking run through the hallways by the third grade and they LOVED it (me included)! All of the third graders ran, beginning on the second floor and then down the stairs (c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y) to the first floor and back up and then down again, ending in the cafeteria. Everyone was excited at this surprise run, and all did well. Hooray for running in the hallways!

What do you know about “honor”? Who do you honor? We’ll explore what “honor” is this week, especially in light of the Memorial Day holiday and our school program scheduled for Wednesday. I look forward to hearing the chorus perform and our special guests. Will you be singing with the chorus?

It was a very rainy week, so we were happy to see the sun shine Friday afternoon. We did get outside a few times, but otherwise our indoor recess was filled with Stratego, Twister, Apples to Apples, and other activities. Hopefully this next week is a bit sunnier so we can plant our seedlings.

Do you hear voices?

Hello friends! We have talked about voice when we listen to and read books. We’ve explored authors’ words, or their “voice” in stories. In today’s writing lesson, we again looked at “voice” – what it is and how we use it in our writing. “Voice” in your writing should sound like YOU speaking. Think about what you want to say before you begin writing, make a list, web, or some notes, and then get your pencil moving. Be you as you write!
As we shared our writing, somebody brought up their bus driver. This led into a new conversation and then a new writing piece about what we would like our bus ride to be like. Well, we had ideas ranging from snacks, friends, and video games to an exit slide (my idea!). Throughout each of these lists or paragraphs, each person’s “voice” was heard. Bravo!

MathMCAS = no sweat

May 16, 2011
It’s MCAS week…again! You are all well prepared and know how to tackle these math questions, especially those open responses. Let’s repeat, “Two ways – words, pictures, numbers…words, pictures, numbers.”

We will continue with our ocean research and reading. I want you to read to answer your question, but also to determine the text structure of what you are reading. This will help you understand more deeply what you are reading. After our research and reading, we will gather our information to create an ABC book.

Also this week we will explore the talented books of author-illustrator David Wiesner. His fantastical books are very intriguing and I’m sure you will enjoy his humor and suspense.


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