Bridge building

Despite the mid-90s heat today, students did super work in their planning and construction of a bridge. Teams had to build a bridge to hold their Student Reference Book, which is about the size of a small dictionary, for 10 seconds. Materials consisted of straws, twist ties, 2 half-pint milk cartons, tape (some had A LOT of tape), and paper clips. The team members then had to tally the cost of their bridge and then prove its strength before the class. Each team was successful, with one team needing to do some post-construction repair to strengthen their bridge.

We are writing a letter to next year’s third graders. The letter is to inform an incoming third grader of some of what he or she will be learning, while honing their paragraph and organization skills. We have two other writing pieces to complete in just a few weeks – but they can do it! They are great writers!


The World of Roald Dahl

We’re diving into the world of Roald Dahl this week. Students are enjoying The BFG, James and Giant Peach, The Giraffe the Pelly and Me, and The Magic Finger. Dahl’s books are humorous, suspenseful, and vocabularyicious (Roald would like that word, don’t you think?)! As a read aloud, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is entertaining despite many of you having seen the movie. Once it’s completed, we will partake in some delicious Wonka candy and compare the book to the movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Also this week, we’re beginning to explore the world of bridges. We’ll explore different types of bridges and design and build our own models. Of course there will be a catch, which I will wait until later to share!


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