Reaping the benefits and Webinars

I feel I am beginning to reap the benefits of of our newly aligned curriculum. Our district spent HOURS reading, researching, and aligning our Massachusetts standards to the CCSS. As a member of one of the committees, it is rewarding to see it in practice. While I cannot speak for all, and I am sure there will be tweaking and refinements as the units progress, it is a good feeling to have this work accomplished.

Professional development opportunities are all around, and many of them are free!  Webinars hosted by numerous organizations seem prevalent lately. I registered for a problem-based learning webinar in October. After a conversation with a colleague, I’m anxious to get some direct knowledge on this topic and what better way than a webinar!

Stay active and keep learning.


Embarking on a literature journey, and no room for excuses!

We give a big THANK YOU to author Grace Lin for her well-written, engaging story Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.  My students are captivated once again as Ms. Lin weaves her tales with a story-within-a-story. We have created a story map to help us track the characters, adventures, and events. My students are captivated by Ba’s stories!  It is wonderful to read this aloud and watch their expressions change as the story unfolds.

I did assign brief place value homework activity – and not one student grumbled!  Hooray!  There may have been a few who tried a weak excuse but we diplomatically found solutions to those issues, and one of the inspirational posters I display served as a worthy reminder:  “Don’t make excuses, make improvements.”

Learning quote…thanks Albert

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”  Albert Einstein

Back at it!

It is refreshing to return to the classroom!  This group of fourth graders seem plenty comfortable – not only with their peers but in the school. Once again I feel privileged and inspired to be here, ready for another school year.

With a new curriculum in hand, I am eager to put to task this work that many of us so fervently worked on. It is a “work in progress,” but exciting nonetheless. There will be pieces to tweak and lessons to refine, but this is part of the learning that I enjoy. 

Here’s to another great beginning!  Happy 2012-2013 school year!  Image


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